SPIRALS It is a Web- based software

SPIRALS It is a Web- based software where Patient can search a Doctor, book an appointment and Doctor can build up its digital presence by adopting our powerful solutions to grow their practice . Features of our Solutions are as follows:

Advantages Of SPIRALS

A highly modular system with is designed and architected to provide simple. small sized app filler with relevant information only. whole system is fragmented in small Apps to reduce load of work on one person and certainly load on your mobile

Appointment Schedule

over Web, Phone or Personal


Single Screen e-Prescription System

Secured Electronics Record

Prescriptions, Notes, Images, Audio/Video

Online Consulting

Consult Over Internet

A Personal Web Page

Create, Update and change profile

Clinic Coordinator

Effective use of Clinic coordinator’s time

Key Features of SPIRALS

Below are some key features of SPIRALS

  • +Preventive Healthcare
    Healthcare is all about managing Health issues and ensuring they are not increasing further. However, why should one have health issues at first place. Preventive Healthcare is all about avoiding health issues at first place and if there are existing health issues then guiding on how to keep them under control.
  • +Health Eco-System
    What if you fall ill suddenly and all you can do is sit back and worry more? A Patient or individual must have their health records available with them at any point of time to cater the need during any situation. Spirals provides that functionality to ensure Paperless Health Eco-System of every individual moving around with person.
  • +Health Angels
    Life without a doctor is hard to live. What if there was no one to cure your typhoid? Doctors are the real health angels in our life. They provide life to a being and help them in their survival method. Every patient requires a good Doctor and we at Spirals ensure you to suggest the perfect doctor for your particular necessity.
  • + Medical Necessities
    Patients are people in pain and MUST NOT run around to fulfill their medical necessities like Medicines, Path Labs, Hospitals, Clinics or any other facility. There are basic needs which need to be catered. Spirals, as system provides an end to end integrated environment to make every necessity available for patients.