Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing Services

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a practice of placing performance-based ads on various publisher platforms and attracting quality traffic on your landing page to make that traffic convert to sales. In this, affiliate company pays a certain reward to the publisher/ affiliate associate on every expected call to action. It is based on revenue sharing.

Affiliate marketing leads to 95% increase in conversion rates of a brand if executed strategically. If you are looking for revenue-driven affiliate marketing services, we can provide you the same.

Revenue Models in Affiliates

There are different revenue models in affiliate marketing. They are generally based on the desired action. Few of them are:

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing For Your Business

Do you know approximately 15% of the digital media industry’s revenue comes affiliate marketing. Nowadays, it has become crucial for almost all businesses to opt affiliate marketing. You should try this, it has a lot of benefits like:

Affiliate Planning and Strategy

This process involves determining the target audience of  the client, so that we know the pain points of the consumer while pitching them the product. Then we do the competitor research, and plan the affiliate program. Post that it will be shared with you for approval.


Once approved, we do split testing of the program. We create different combinations of the program and then run it. We choose those that affiliate program which performs the best.

Collaborating with ad Network and Publishers

We have a large base of publisher network that have high traffic and value. We collaborate with them for your ads and get the highest ROI for you.

Consistent Monitoring and Reporting

We keep monitoring your affiliate program as well as associates and keep you posted about that with our weekly reports.

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