There is no value in getting a huge amount of traffic if that doesn’t convert. You might have put up a CTA form on your webpage, people might be visiting your website but not filling that form. This traffic is of no use to you because you are not getting any leads from them.
So, how can you get leads? Via lead magnets.
This whole world runs on the principle of give and take. Until and unless filling your CTA form doesn’t provide any value to the visitors, they won’t fill it. Here, lead magnets come into play.
In this write-up, we are going to discuss what should be there in the lead magnets to make them convertible. Here we go,

What comprises a good lead magnet?

A lead magnet that converts must have the following traits:

Must be a problem solver

Creating a lead magnet just for the sake of getting more form submissions will not work. People will fill out forms once or twice and next time they might not visit your website. So, in order to get leads inadvertently, you need to create something that must be a true problem-solver for the visitors. What it would be depends on the niche of your business.

Instant gratification

Most of us want results just at the swipe of our fingers, same is the case with the audience visiting your website and filling out your forms. Your lead magnet must give the audience a sense of instant gratification, they must feel leveraged as soon as they fill up the form and download it. It must be accessible instantly without any further procedures. Believe me people love instant gratification.


If you want  to generate high quality leads, your lead magnet must be pithy and specific to a certain topic or problem. It must not be very generic i.e. the information you are providing must not be available easily all across the internet. The content must be well researched and to the point.

Demonstrator of your USP

Your lead magnet must speak the language of your organisation or business. When someone is implementing that he must feel the essence of your expertise in that.

How to create a lead magnet?

Till now, you read what are lead magnets and what are their traits. Now we will move towards the creation of lead magnets. You must take of the following things while creating them:

Buyer Persona

Before creating a lead magnet, you must create a buyer persona. Confused, what is it? It is the audience for which you are going to create lead magnet.

This comprises of all the details of your target audience, like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Area they live in
  • Married or not
  • Income standard
  • Challenges
  • Solution
Identify what to provide

Once you have chosen your target audience as per your niche and expertise, now you have to decide the value you are going to offer them. Number of leads you will generate from this lead magnet will be directly proportional to the value you are providing through it.

Create something that your target audience needs, this will fetch you a good number of leads.

Give it a name

Give your lead magnet a very catchy and attractive headline or name. A catchy headline always wins to attract people. It must be related to the solution you are providing.

Choose the type

Now you have to decide what type of lead magnet is going to be created. It might be in one of the following forms:

  • A cheat sheet
  • A 4 email course
  • Short video course
  • A short pdf
  • An infographic
  • Trial of a software

Like it can be anything unless it provides value to your target audience and can persuade them to fill up the form.

Create it

Now that is the final nail in the coffin. You have to now put the effort and create it.

This was all about creating a lead magnet that converts. If you are looking for lead generation services, get in touch with us.

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